Bucks County Pumpkinfest 2009 Winners and Pumpkins!

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by Chanin Walsh & Bill Milnazik
Malloy Award Winner Carver’s Choice Winner








by Dan & Michelle Clark
1st Place








Out Of My Gourd
by Curtis May
2nd Place

Young Frankenstein
by Doug May
3rd Place








Trick or Treaters
by Tyree Dworak
1st Honorable Mention








Peace, Love & Happiness
by Katie & Louisa Scott
2nd Honorable Mention



Dante’s Inferno
by Barbara & John Randa
3rd Honorable Mention








by Lucy Reback, Mark Kobasz, & Caroline Wallner








Georgafine, The Beast
by Isabel Cleff & Owen Kobasz

The Most Wild Thing of All
by Kathleen & Molly Sheehan








Voice of The Forest
by Tim Merv & Christine Curry








by Teresa Dickson & Beth Long

The Wild Things
by Betty Wasser & Chad Zerbe








Halloween Gargoyle
by Glenna Ryer








Once Upon A Crescent Moon
by Sophie Cleff & Fiona Kobasz

Moaning Lisa
by Hillary Reehl








by Chuck Greenstreet & Janet Marrone








Ragtime Rattle
by Kim Arata & David Frey



Pumpkinfest 2009 Carvers & Their PumpkinsPumpkin #                                                                          

1.        Lucy Reback, Mark Kobasz, and Caroline Wallner – Moonscape

2.         Isabel Cleff and Owen Kobasz – Georgafine Winbel, The Beast

4.         Kathleen and Molly Sheehan – The Most Wild Thing of All 5.         Chanin Walsh and Bill Milnazik – I-Scream (Malloy and Carver’s Choice Awards)

6.         Tim Merv and Christine Curry – Voice of the Forest

8.         Katie and Louise Scott – Peace, Love and Happiness(2nd Honorable Mention)

9.         Tyree Dworak – Trick or Treaters (1st Honorable Mention)

10.       Teresa Dickson and Beth Long – Blowfish Beast

11.       Betty Wasser and Chad Zerbe – The Wild Things

12.       Glenna Ryer – Halloween Gargoyle

13.       Sophie Cleff and Fiona Kobasz – Once Upon a Crescent Moon

14.       Hillary Reehl – Moaning Lisa

15.       Barbara and John Randa – Dante’s Inferno (3rd Honorable Mention)

16.       Chuck Greenstreet and Janet Marrone - Godzilla

17.       Kim Arata and David Frey – The Ragtime Rattle

18.       Curtis May – Out of My Gourd (2nd Place)

19.       Dan and Michelle Clark – Tri-Tunes (1st Place)

20.       Doug May – Young Frankenstein (3rd Place)


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