About us

We are an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide resources and opportunities to reduce the impact of addiction and to improve related health issues for the communities of Southeast Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties). We accomplish this through prevention, consultation, education, advocacy, assessment, intervention and treatment services. We will make available our services to all, regardless of ability to pay, ethnicity, race, gender, age or sexual/gender orientation.

The disease of addiction to substances and associated behaviors threatens to cause irreparable physical, psychological, emotional and social problems for the affected individual. Addiction has the potential to frustrate, discourage and destroy the lives of the family, friends, employers and the community closest to the individual suffering from the disease. Effective treatment of addiction requires a comprehensive approach towards recovery and the development of a healthy lifestyle. We work to develop other services to continue to achieve a positive impact on the lives in our community.

Our services for prevention, education, advocacy, assessment and intervention help to reduce or eliminate the stigma of addiction, which prevents people from seeking treatment.

Our staff and volunteers are our number one asset. It is through their integrity, professionalism, and dedication that the message of overcoming and/or avoiding addiction and our services are communicated to those who need them most.


  • NCADD Southeast Pennsylvania affiliate
  • United Way of Bucks County member agency
  • V3 coalition member